The Zoid—the new unknown—consists of all the information out there that is consistently hidden from the public eye. Our modern war is a war fought over information and controlling public sentiment. For those who are able to influence the information seen by people, are able to control the actions and support of the people.

Often far removed from reality—truth—these powerful interests prey upon a little-acknowledged aspect of our modern world—the the truth is relative. How can that be? How can the truth—of all things—possess such variability as to be moldable? The answer is simple—there is no truth, yet we are told there is.

Let’s clarify—there is truth—just not where most people are accustomed to hearing “truths” be told.

Your name—that’s a truth

Your date of birth—how sure are you; really?

Just kidding, but seriously—for those events and reports of life events around all of us—the only way to truly know anything as being truthfully-reported is to have been there yourself. Even then—you may not be able to discern the entire story.

Truth, as we are exposed to it on a daily basis from the media, is little more than an aggregate of vested interests in any given subject. GMOs? 9/11? Presidential Candidates? You’ll hear the story that financial interests want you to hear during prime-time hours, and any other stories will usually die-off within a cycle or two.

The internet is changing things.

All those stories, investigations, scandals, and data leaks the media either ignores or attempts to explain away are still floating around the internet waiting to be shared. Our goal, our passion, and our sole mission—to help bring these stories to you on a daily basis.

So read, share, email, and absorb all that you can.

In this war of information the bullets aren’t made of lead—they are made of misdirection. Get the info that gets omitted from the news, and keep a sharp eye out for bullshit. Stay informed, stay ready, and stay aware. Good luck out there.

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